Sao Bernardo Vinho Tinto 1990 (Alcobaca, Portugal)

12% Made by the Adega Coop of Alcobaca. Alcobaca is just north of Lisbon, slightly inland from the famous surfing beach of Nazare.

I knew this was a very long shot but it was also very cheap as well. As predicted, it had gone bad but just very slightly and I drank a fair bit of it, trying to decide. I'm sure the wine wasn't made to last but it was an interesting drink, not like one I've had before so hard to describe. Somewhat like a lighter Italian red with noticeable acid and spicy fruit. I guess the area is know for white wines, maybe lower alcohol as well. I have no idea what grapes were in this wine.

Mostly posting this because of the cool label.


Sao Bernardo Vinho Tinto 1990.JPG

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