Tried these two last night at DinDin:
1. Forlorn-Hope Riesling Kick-On Ranch/LosAlamos (12.02%) Fairfield 2012: slight hazy color; lovely very fragrant R/floral/mango some pungent/Mosel valve oil/petrol fairly chalky/mineral rather complex R nose; quite tart/tangy some R/floral/mango some chalky/perfumed talc/mineral some petrol/pungent bit metallic/steely some complex bit rich flavor; very long fairly tart/tangy/bit metallic strong R/floral/mango/pineapple fairly rich rather mineral/perfumed talc/chalky some complex finish; quite a lovely expression of Calif R of the level from ColeRanch or Wirz vnyds; reminds a lot of Sudtirol R.
2. Sequercinani Ciliegiolo DOC: Maremma Toscana RW (14.5%; Aged in clay jars; www.Sequerciani.It; T.ElentenyImprts/NY) Gerber Rudolf Ernst/Massa Marittima 2020: Med.dark color; strong fragrant strawberry/cherry/black cherry/bit blackberry/floral bit plummy/licorice slight pungent bit Sangio-like but not as high-toned some earthy/loamy some complex nose; rather soft slight tangy/metallic rather cherry/black cherry/plummy/blackberry slight Sangio-like rather earthy/loamy bit coarse/herbal bit complex flavor w/ light coarse tannins; med.long some coarse/earthy/loamy/rustic/herbal rather fragrant/perfumed/cherry/black cherry/licorice bit Sangio-like finish w/ light coarse tannins; has some interesting aromatics therein but a bit on the coarse/loamy side; interesting wine.
$29.00 (KK)
More firkostolar from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Sequercinani is a natural wine producer thru & thru. Grapes are farmed biodynamic. Ferments are done in clay amphora. No SO2 additions are used. They specialize in a number of obscure ancient Tuscan varieties. The full monty.
Ciliegiolo is a rare grape in Tuscany and comes from the name for cherry. DNA indicates it is closely related to Sangiovese, but it is not clear if it is a parent or off-spring of Sangio.
This wine was a bit on the coarse/loamy/rustic side, yet it showed no signs of natty character or uncleaness you can find in a natural wine.
Expect they could make an interesting wine from this variety in Calif.