Tried these three w/ DinDin last night:
1. Forlorn-Hope Que Saudade Verdelho Calif (13.80%; 337 cs) Fairfield 2013: color; quite fragarnt gardenias/floral/carnations light earthy/chalky quite attractive almost R-like rather perfumed nose; quite tart/tangy/metallic very strong floral/gardenias/carnations light mineral/chalky fairly rich/lush bit complex lovely flavor; very long/lingering rather tart some rich/lush strong floral/gardenias light chalky finish; an altogether lovely very floral white that should go another few yrs.
2. LaStoppa Trebbiolo VinoRosso nTriple "A" (12.5%; 60% Barbera/40% Bonarda; LouisDressnerSlctns/NY) LaStoppa de Elena Pantaleoni/Rivergaro/Emilia-Romagna 2021: Med.dark color; rather earthy/dusty/loamy slight blackberry/plummy/spicy/peppery somewhat rustic nose; soft rather tangy/metallic/rustic/angular fairly earthy/loamy/dusty light grapey/licorice/blackberry somewhat interesting/Italianate some Valpolicella-like bit coarse flavor w/ light rough tannins; med.long rather coarse/Italianate/rustic fairly earthy/loamy slight blackberry/plummy finish w/ light coarse tannins; a rather rustic/Italianate/bit unclean much like a heavier Valpolicella; not particularly interesting nor complex; developes a lot of brett overnight in the btl. $25.00 (KK)
3. Rosenblum Zin Port Dutton VineHill Ranch/RRV (17.2%; fortified at 12 Brix; left on skins an additional 2 weeks; Aged: 2 yrs in Fr. & Am.oak; RS: 13.1%) KentRosenblum/Alameda 1997: Very dark color w/ some bricking; strong very ripe/blackberry/boysenberry/Zin some volatile/alcoholic rather Portish/Ruby Port bit complex rather lovely nose; soft quite sweet very rich/lush intense grapey/Zin/blackberry/boysenberry/bit spicy fairly alcoholic/Porty/bit volatile youthful some fumey/hot/alcoholic flavor w/ light tannins; very long/lingering some alcoholic/Porty/grapey strong blackberry/Zin/boysenberry/very ripe finish w/ light tannins; very strong Porty/alcoholic character & not showing much evolution yet; still should go yrs yet.
More feralstoppa from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Verdelho: A Portugese grape of unknown origins. Most famous for the plantings in Madeira where it makes one of the Madeira wines of that name. Rather rare in Calif.
2. LaStoppa: This is a younger blend of a traditional Colli Piacentini red. This is a natural wine, but did not show any natty character to speak of.