Tried these two at DinDin last night:
1. Herr Ehrhard Riesling Trocken-Dry (12.0%; 40 yr old vines;; MarchettiCo/ClevelandHeights/OH) Weingut Carl Eberhard/Rudesheim/Rhein 2020: Light gold color; strong floral/R/mango/pineapple slight petrol/valve oil mineral/chalky/metallic/steely quite attractive R nose; bit soft slightly off-dry (.3%-.5% r.s.) fairly strong R/floral/mango/pineapple somewhat rich/lush slight chalky/metallic flavor; med.long slight tangy/metallic off-dry fairly strong R/mango/floral/pineapple/ripe slight chalky finish; quite a pretty R nose but not deliver any excitement on the palate & a bit too sweet for me; somewhat disappointing R. $19.00 (SFW&S)
2. iruai Oh-Mah Mondeuse Calif (12.5%; whole-cluster/carbonic; 125 cs) Chad and Michelle Westbrook Hinds/Methode Sauvage/Etna/Western SiskiyouCnty/CA 2021: Med.light color; strong c-m/Bojo-like/grapey slight roasted/Rhonish/w-c slight plummy/blackberry slight earhy/loamy somewhat interesting nose; fairly tart/tangy rather grapey/c-m/Bojo-like slight w-c/Rhonish rather lightweight somewhat simple/grapey flavor w/ little tannins; med.short grapey/Bojo/c-m/simple some earthy/loamy finish w/ little tannins; a pleasant c-m/Bojo/grapey red w/ no obvious Mondeuse character; pleasant enough but not very interesting.
$26.00 (KK)
More fibblecroter from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. iruai: A natural wnry started in 2013 in Berkeley by Chad and Michelle Westbrook Hinds. They moved to untested growing area in NorthernCA in the shadow of Mt.Shasta. Until their grapes are producing (farmed by Fukuoka), they make wines from purchased grapes in NorthernCA. Have no idea where this Mondeuse comes from. Because of their location, their focus is on Alpine-style wines. They are a natural winemaker but the wines have been perfectly clean & show no natty character.