I still check in here to read the guys who are left but truth be told, not into all the hype surrounding the discussion these days. Love wine but honestly have enough information to keep my occupied for the rest of my life. I have also mostly moved on to whiskey and gin. LOL.

My problem is, my taste buds are more expensive than my reality. I am spoiled and cannot really afford the kind of wines I prefer to drink. Drinking my cellar for the good stuff, and buying under $20 for our dinner wines. We are very close to retirement and trying hard to live within our means until we have a new house and are fully furnished. Don't think we want to ever again get into drinking > $50 wines much more than super special occasions and perhaps keep in touch with a tasting group 4-5 times a year.

Maureen turns 70 soon, and will retire and then we are moving back east. Somewhere between TN and FL, leaning towards Greenville SC but still have some research to do.