We have family in Atlanta and whenever we visit we try to do different trips. We have been all through NC, most of SC, most of GA, most of Florida, eastern TN.

On my last trip, I wanted to experience the south during a particularly hot stretch and I flew into Greenville Spartanburg International and then drove through Greenville, Augusta, Savannah, Jacksonville, Vero Beach, Tampa Bay, Sarasota and Naples.

Floridians that I talked to, all felt like this had been the hottest period they remembered in nearly 20 years. It was hot and humid for sure but I went hiking, I walked along the beach and was fairly active outside. If I lived there, I for sure would stay inside for most of this period. My friend, who lives in Vero Beach and moved from San Diego a few years back doesn't think it is that big a deal. He says he got used to doing his chores and hobbies, early in the morning and late in the day. In the middle of the day, he stays home and works on his computer. He is an amateur photographer and has a ton of processing he needs to do.

I have been in California most of my life, moved here when I was 3 years old. This place is nothing like the place I grew up in. While I admittedly love San Diego and will miss things about it. The cost of living is sky high. We need to get out of our condo because it is a 3 story condo with two flights of stairs that we figure we will eventually have trouble navigating. We are already the oldest people in the complex and don't hang out with the neighbors, although we do have nice neighbors. When we go look at houses, there is nothing we find that we would not be in debt and on a tight month to month for the rest of our lives. Starter homes in any areas near to the coast are pushing a million and if you are willing to get 1200 sq ft and live in an undesirable area, you can find them for 750K. We would still be in debt for the rest of our lives. Where as most other places we could pay cash for a house with room to spare. I am so over California, sadly, I just want to find a better living situation and not pay all this darned sunshine tax, let alone all the other BS that they are trying to force us to do.

I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy unless you a few million, up front, along with a solid pension plan. 120K here with a mortgage is purely month to month. 120K with no mortgage in many other places and you will live very well.

Overall, we mostly dig the foothill areas from East TN down to the High Country of SC. Greenville is one of the few areas that we really dug the whole vibe of the region. Walking around places just felt comfortable to us. Seems like some good people to me.

Walking down a city street in San Diego, you have to keep aware of your surroundings and avoid problem people. Don't get that feeling nearly as much in Greenville. We liked west Knoxville too. I do find the region outside of Savannah and even Charleston pretty interesting but have kind of decided against living that close to the coast.