Tried this last night w/ DinDin:
1. Garzon Marselan Reserva Uruguay (14.5%;; PacificHwyWines/AmericanCnyn/CA) Bodega Garzon/Garzon/Uruguay 2020: Very dark/near black color; very strong CS-like/blackcurranty/plummy bit Languedoc/rustic slight earthy/loamy some Rhonish character quite interesting nose; fairly soft strong blackcurranty//plummy/CS-like slightly sour some earthy/loamy/rustic some Languedoc/Rhonish/bit peppery quite interesting flavor w/ modest soft/ripe tannins; med.long some some earthy/loamy/rustic/slightly coarse fairly strong blackcurranty/plummy/Cab-like slightly sour quite interesting finish w/ light ripe tannins; shows a bit of that soft/earthy/sour character of SA reds but a quite interesting if a bit rustic red at a very good price. $18.00 (Prima IlC)
More gikkerslon from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. This was a recent arrival from my Prima IlConsorzio shipment. I mostly dislike SouthAmerican reds & sorta opened this as a throw-away wine. To me they often lack bright fruit, have an earthy/loamy character, are sour on the palate, and often slammed w/ oak. So I opened this w/ very low expectations. Whatta surprise it was. Garzon appears to be a very modern wnry & I'd like to try more of their wines, as they have a large portfolio.
Marselan was a cross developed in the Languedoc in 1961 between CabSauv X Grenache. It's clearly a variety they should be planting all up&down the Coast of Calif. It apparently is available from a Bakersfield nursery and there are some plantings in NorCal, though I've never seen it listed as in a wine. There is some plantings in AZ & TX. And a large cooperative French/China planting of Marselan.