Had these three whites last week at Pig+Fig from my BD wine gifts:
1. Marie de Moy Champagne GrandCru Brut (12%; SarantyImprts) GH Martel/Epernay NV: Pale color w/ fine mousse; lightly yeasty quite fragrant/fruity bit Chard/melony quite attractive nose; bit off-dry slight bready/yeasty bit soft quite pleasant/fruity flavor; med.long light bready/yeasty pleasant fruity finish; not a profound Champagne but actually quite pleasant. $nc (KA/LD)
2. Gruet NM Sparkling Wine Blancs de Blancs Methode Champenois (12%) 2002: Med.gold color; rather yeasty/bready/toasty slight nutty/oxidative rather perfumed complex old Champagne nose w/ little fruit remaining; slight bubbly lovely nutty/ocidative quite yeasty/bready/toasty bit spicy rather complex/oldChampagne flavor; very long/lingering bready/toasty/yeasty slight nutty/oxidative rather complex finish w/ little fruit; a quite interesting old Champagne wine that still offers up a lot of pleasure. $nc (JQ)
3. Flor de Muga Dd'OC: Rioja Blanca Reserva (13.5%; GeorgOrdanezSlctns; www.BodegasMuga.com) Haro/Espana 2018: Light gold color; lightly floral/pungent/bit earthy rather woody/toasty/oak quite attractive nose; bit soft/rich fairly lush pretty strong toasty/Fr.oak/pencilly some floral/melony/Viura flavor w/ slight oxidative character; very long rather toasty/Fr.oak/woody some melony/ripe/fruity finish w/ bit oxidative/nutty character; shows lots of oak but more age than you would expect. $nc (J&MS)
More fidobarq from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. We tasted last week a bunch of the wines I was gifted at my 80'th BD party. These were three of the whites.
2. SarantyImports on the label usually leads me to flee in the other direction when I find it at TotalWines. I found this Champagne actually quite pleasant if a bit simple & much better than I expected.
3. Gruet: This sparkler was gifted to me by a friend I see most mornings at P+F. He was certain it was totally gone because it was so old. It was not. It was a lovely example of an old Champagne. Not much fruit left but still pleasurable. This was back when Gruet vintage dated their sparklers and grew their own grapes over in Engle NM.