We tried these six Furmints ystrday at Pig+Fig:
1. Hidden Treasures by Moric Tokaj Furmint H1D3 NR1 Feat.Gergo Filep (12%; www.Moric.At; Winemonger)
Vino Tokaiensis/Bocskai/Hungary 2020
: Med.light gold color; rather stony/mineral/chalky some floral/Furmint/dandelions rather spicy light pencilly/oak lovely fragrant nose; quite tart/tangy/fairly metallic strong minerally/chalky/stony slight earthy some floral/dandelions/Furmint slight pencilly/oak flavor; very long/lingering fairly stony/chalky/mineral rather tart/tangy somewhat rich some floral/Furmint finish; shows lots of Furmint/chalky/mineral character but more fragrance than most; quite a lovely structured Furmint than can use a few yrs of age. $29.50 (WM)
2. Hidden Treasures by Moric Riesling/Furmint H1D1 NR3 Balaton Feat.Villa Tolnay (13%; www.Moric.At; Winemonger) Villa Tolnai Borhanz/Gyulakeszi/Csobanchegy/Hungary 2019: Med.light gold color; much stronger floral/R/mango fairly stony/chalky/mineral some Furmint floral very perfumed nose that speaks mostly of R; fairly tart/tangy fairly strong floral/R/mango/bit pineapple lighter stony/mineral/chalky rather perfumed flavor; very long/lingering bright/floral/R/mango bit Furmint/floral fairly tart finish; speaks mostly of R w/ a bit of the Furmint mineral character and a bit lighter bodied; quite a lovely/interesting expression of R. $36.50 (WM)
3. homonna Tokaji Furmint Hatari (13%; Winemonger) Tokaji 2016: Med.gold color; intense fragrant/floral/gardenias/Furmint very aromatic almost R like slight mineral/stony/chalky beautiful nose; quite tart/tangy/bit metallic quite floral/gardenias/rather R-like slight mineral/stony slight metallic fairly complex flavor; very long/lingering very floral/gardenias/carnations/almost R-like slight mineral/stony finish; a beautiful expression of Furmint w/ lots of richness & texture; a bit on the pricey side but a lovely Furmint. $61.25 (WM)
4. homonna Tokaji Furmint/Harslevelu Birtok Valogatas (14%; www.homonna.com; Winemonger) Takaji 2017: Med.gold color; some floral/Furmint/gardenias bit more grapey/simple more earthy/slightly coarse not as perfumed nose; fairly tart some Furmint/floral/gardenias rather perfumed bit simpler/grapey flavor; very long strong Furmint/floral/gardenias bit grapey finish; lots of strong floral/Furmint character modulated a bit by the simpler/grapey Harslevelu character; much better value at $29.90 (WM)
5. Royal Tokaji Furmint Szt.Tams/Mad (13.5%; www.Royal-Tokaji.com; WilsonDaniels/Napa; Matured in Hungarian oak; 1909 btls) RoyalTokaji/Mad 2018: Light/med.gold color; quite fragrant floral/carnations/Furmint/citrusy more mineral/chalky/stony/metallic rather melony beautiful nose; quite tart/tangy very floral/perfumed/carnations/Furmint slight metallic some chalky/mineral slightly rich flavor; very long strong floral/Furmint/carnations light chalky/mineral/earthy finish; a quite lovely expression of Furmint but not quite as intense as the other RT. $36.00 (KK)
6. Royal Tokaji Furmint MezesMaly (13%; 1910 btls) 2018: Med.gold color; very intense fragrant/perfumed floral/carnations/Furmint/perfumed talc almost R-like very fragrant nose; lightly tart/tangy fairly rich/lush intense floral/Furmint/carnations lightly stony/mineral slight earthy beautiful flavor; very long/lingering intense floral/carnations/Furmint/perfumed talc slight mineral/stony finish; a beautiful expression of Furmint w/ soaring aromatics; my favorite of these Furmints. $36.00 (KK)
More fistlegreibner from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Most of these Furmints were from a recent order from Winemonger, an importing company that has a very good portfolio of Central European wines & a license to sell directly to consumers.
The Hidden Treasures are a partnership of RolandVelich/Moric and several Hungarian growers/winemakers. His Moric wines tend to be on the expensive side and rather atypical of Burgenland wines. But I liked both of these whites quite a lot.
The RoyalTokaji company is one of the best producers of classic Tokaji sweet wines, of which I've had many. Not sure I've had any of their dry Furmints, though. Though a bit on the pricey side, I thought outstanding expressions of Dry Furmint. The MezesMaly was my favorite of all these Furmints.
Across the board, I was very favorably impressed with this collection of Dry Furmints. They all had a remarkable perfumey fragrance that was modulated by that classic Furmint mineral character.
Furmint is known as the most tannic of the white grapes. Don't think I've had a Furmint that was made as a skin-contact ViniMacerati. I'd be curious.