Skalli Chateauneuf-du-Pape La Tiare du Pape 2008

14.5% Imported by SFW Americas, CA

Grenache 60%, Mourvedre 20% and Syrah 20%. The label says that all 13 allowed grape varieties are in the wine but doesn't include their %'s.

"Crisp, acidic, austere, drying, tannic, structure, "chewy", complex. Reduction sauce of fruit at the core. White grapes and all 13 varieties are evident here. Excellent. Cool menthol, smooth. Beautiful blend of smells. More on the Mourdre/Syrah side of things with dark fruit. The wine was quite complex at times! Recommended. This exceeded expectations by a mile as doing a search on it brought up mentions of supermarket wines and Trader Joe's. I really like the wines that use all 13 varieties. I think this could last for quite awhile. Great with duck leg confit and duck fat roasted potatoes. My son's buddy had never had duck before and he wolfed it down. I think the Maple Leaf confit and pre-roasted half ducks go better with Chateauneuf than Nebbiolo before of the pre-spicing they do.


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