Fratelli Alessandria Barolo Monvigliero 1996

14% Imported by Villa Italia Gourmet Food & Wine, CA

I had low expectations for this wine since I wasn't very impressed with his 1998 wines, of which I had a few. Perhaps I drank those too early. No notes taken. This was a very impressive bottle of wine that will last forever but is drinking great now with a five or six hour decant. It is beginning to unfurl and show tertiary aspects.

It has a fantastic scent/perfume. One of the best in a while. As they say, I could have smelled that all day. Better than the palate. Rose turning to black cherry with the same on the palate. Very smooth, balanced, expressive, acidic, chewy, chalky, tannic, striking and full of power. Probably more on the giving side but plenty of structure. It was pretty clear that this was from a top vineyard. La Morra style wine. It has a strong flavor that I can't identify but is unusual for Nebbiolo. Very traditional and the wine reminded me of Nebbiolos from the '70's in style. Clearly exceeded expectations and is highly recommended. Great with venison medallion rolls with dried chanterelle reduction sauce.


Fratelli Alessandria Barolo Monvigliero 1996.JPG

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