Tried these two natural wines Fri w/ Susan:
1. Poderi Cellario Favorita "LaFrea" DOC: Langhe (12%; EB; natural wine; SelectioNaturel/Ipswich/MA) Poderi Cellario/Carru 2021: Light gold color; quite attractive Verm/floral/carnations slight earthy bit perfumed talc rather low-key/quiet quite pretty nose; fairly tart/tangy slight metallic fairly strong Verm/floral/carnations bit quiet very pretty flavor; med.long pretty/Verm/floral/carnations light stony/perfumed talc finish; not a profound or intense expression of Favorita but varietally correct and quite pretty easy-drinking white & a good value for Piemonte Favorita. $17.00 (KK)
2. Poderi Cellario Nebbiolo DOC: Langhe (13.5%; www.PoderiCellario.It) 2020: Med.light color; lovely very fragrant/floral/Nebb/violets/lilacs quite fruity/Nebb very slight pungent/spicy/tarry/licorice quite fragrant nose; lightly tart/tangy quite fragrant/floral/Nebb/lilacs/violets slightly pungent/earthy/bit tarry quite pretty flavor w/ modest bitey tannins; med.long quite pretty floral/Nebb/lilacs/violets/rose petal fairly tart/tangy fairly rich/lush lovely finish w/ light bitey tannins; a very pretty/attractive lightweight expression of Nebb w/ strong varietal character but still a bit of that tannin Nebb character; reminds a bit the Viara JC Cuvee Claret Nebbiolo but not quite the aromatic intensity & not nearly as tannic; reminds a bit of some Calif Nebbs; loses a bit of the floral fragrance overnight & becomes a bit more rustic/tannic but still absolutely clean & no natty character whatsoever; a really wonderful expression of Piemonte Nebbiolo at a great price. $20.00 (KK)
More biddyfrot from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. These two natural wines showed up at Kokomans this week. They had those ugly/garish/hip labels that seem to be a big thing w/ all the hip/natural winemakers. was my golden opportunity to be both cute & play both sides of the natural wine street. I sharpened up my knives & prepared to rip apart these two wines, certain because of their cheap price, they would be easy pickings.
Say whot?? I was totally blindsided by these two wines. They were both varietally correct and quite good/tasty wines, especially the Nebb.
This is a wnry to the West of Dogliani run by Fausto and Cinzia Cellario. They actually make an interesting range of traditional Piemonte wines, including a Nascetta. And tiny amounts made from a few vines of unknown Piemonte white & red varieties. They say all the right things on their WebSite about why they make natural wines. I was sufficiently impressed by these two wines that I would love to try more from their portfolio. Quite a discovery of a new wnry for me.

Tom (trolling David just a little bit)