Tried these two natural wines last night:
1. Meinklang Burgenland White (11.5%; natural wine w/ some sulfites; 50% GrunerVeltliner/40% WelswchRiesling/10% Muskat; ZevRovineSlctns/Brooklyn/NY) B by Michlits Werner/Pamhagen 2021: color; lovely GV/white pepper/spicy quite floral/gardenias very fragrant classic GV nose; lightly tart strong GV/white pepper/spicy quite floral/gardenias sligtly off-dry very slight dissolved CO2 very slight chalky fairly rich flavor; long lovely GV/spicy/floral/gardenias lightly tart some rich/lush finish; speaks strongly of GV; nothing profound & a bit simple but quite nice drinking at a good price. $19.00 (KK)
2. WineFellas MotorLove RW Mendocino AVA (13.56%; SO2: 27 ppm; TA: 0.584%; pH: 3.79; VA: 0.104%; RS: 0.07%;; 45% PinotNoir/26% Pinotage/13% Zin/110% PetiteSirah/5% CaqbSauv; Carbonic PN from ColeRanch/Pinotage & PS from OpenHandRanch/CiapusciVnyd Zin on MendoRidge/CS from NaumannVnyd) Napa 2020: Med.color; some earthy/loamy some MendoCnty/tomatoey slight Zin/blackberry/raspberry/PN black cherry rather oak tanky/old timey slight vanilla/oak somewhat interesting low fruit nose; soft rather earthy/loamy/dusty/OV quite old timey/redwood tanky some blackberry/raspberry bit CM/grapey bit dusty/OV flavor w/ light tannins; med.long soft old timey/redwood tanky bit raspberry/Zin/CM grapey dusty/OV rather earthy/loamy bit MendoCnty/tomatoey finish w/ light soft tannins; not a whole lot of fruit; an interesting old-timey style of MendoCnty red; rather pricey at $29.00 (KK)
More lillerspakl from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The WineFellas is an operation led by Galen Schoch, of the Schoch family, which has a very long history of grapegrowing/winemaking in the NapaVlly dating back to 1912.
The wine was a real throwback to old-timey Calif winemaking with a kinda redwood tanky character of those old wines. Reminded some of an old GusSebastiani RedBurg or of an old Parducci Zin, a bit of old Louis M. Martini Burgundy or Zin. Sorta of a trip down memory lane but not real pleasurable drinking.