We tasted last Thurs at Pig+Fig two whites from my recent Winemonger order:
1. Zahel DAC: Wiener Gemischter Satz Ortswein Mauer Wein aus Wien (12.5%; EB; Organic grapes; Demeter certified; Winemonger) Zahel/Wien 2021: Med.light gold color; very attractive GV/floral/gardenias/white pepper high-toned/spicy slight chalky/earthy quite perfumed bit complex nose; rather tart bright/high-toned/spicy/GV/peppery/floral/gardenias some earthy/chalky quite attractive flavor; very long bright spicy/GV/peppery/floral/gardenias light stony/chalky finish; quite a pretty GS from Vienna at a very reasonable price. $21.50 (WM)
2. Nosiol Nosiola IGT: Vigneti Delle Dolomiti (11%; Winemonger) Eredi Di Cobelli Aldo/Trentino 2019: Light gold color; rather citrusy/melony/Nosiola some earthy/bit loamy slight metallic rather interesting if a bit rustic nose; fairly tart/tangy/metallic slightly floral/melony some earthy/loamy/bit rustic/coarse flavor; med.long some citrusy/melony/lightly floral/marigolds/pungent some earthy/loamy finish; a rather interesting white if a bit on the rustic/oafish side. $24.50 (WM)
More lickrstottle from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Nosiola is a grape variety that is found mostly in the Trentino area, which is thought to be where it originated. It is an off-spring of the Reze grape grown in the Valais of Suisse. We had also the Teroldego from Cobelli that I liked a lot & thought of near Foradori-level of quality. This Nosiola did not measure up to that level of the Foradori, though.

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