My shipment from Prima/WalnutCreek IlConsorzio arrived ystrday, so I checked these two out:
1. PopeVllyWnry SauvBlanc Estate/NapaVlly (13.3%) PopeVlly/NapaVlly 2021: Med.yellow color; fairly strong melony/SB/ripe slightly herbal/smokey lightly floral/carnations quite pretty nose w/ no oak; fairly tart/tangy ripe/melony/SB/floral/carnations slight herbal/SB some rich/lush attractive flavor; long light herbal rather ripe/melony/SB/floral pleasant finish; a rather pretty/ripe SB but not of the level of the DryCreekVnyds SB, my iconic SB expression. $22.38 (Prime IlC)
2. Paolo Conterno Bricca DOCG: Barbera d'Asti (14%; 25 yr old vines; SkurnikWines/NY) PaoloConterno/Monforte d'Alba 2020: Med.dark color; very strong very spicy/classic Barbera/dried Italian herbs/Italian sausage light earthy/dusty/OV lovely loads of arbera fruit nose; fairly tart/tangy rather rich/lush strong Barbera/very spicy/bit dried herbs/Italian sausage slight earthy some dusty/OV bit complex lovely flavor w/ modest ripe tannins; very long lightly tart/tangy stronf ripe/Barbera/spicy/dried pizza herbs/Italian sausage fairly rich/lush finish w/ modest ripe tannins; reminds me more of an Idlewild Barbera than Piemonte; lots of rich/lush Barbera fruit & not the strident acids & tannins of many Piemonte Barberas; quite a lovely Barbera at a great price; should go another 2-5 yrs. $18.38 (Prime IlC)
More slitherfoss from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Conterno: Giacomo Conterno is a very famous name in Piemonte for their Barolos. Not familiar w/ the wines of Paolo Conterno, though. But I was impressed by this Barbera. I find many Piemonte Barberas have the acidity & tannins to take off your head; rather hard/angular wines. This Barbera was actually more Calif in style & I liked it quite a lot. Will g back for more at this price.