I wanted something good to drink last night. My go-to wnry is TablasCreek:
1. TablasCreek Roussanne Estate/AdelaidaDist/PasoRobles (12.5%) PasoRobles 2019: Med.light gold color; very strong honeyed/honeysuckle/Rouss/spicy light chalky/stony slightnutty/toasted hazelnuts lovely classic Rouss fairly intense nose; fairly tart rather rich strong honeyed/honeysuckly/Rouss light stony slight nutty/graham cracker bit complex flavor; very long/lingering some tart fairly rich strong Rouss/honeysuckle slight stony finish; a richness that belies the 12.5% alcohol; plenty of acidity w/o being strident & needs 4-6 yrs to become really interesting; a lovely classic TCV Rouss. $26.00 (VINSider)
More clatterferq from TheBloodyulpit:
1. This is a wine that's normally priced at $40. This $26 was on a monthly special to the VINSider club members. The 12.5% alcohol is a bit low for a Calif Rouss, but the wine feels pretty rich & not at all lean & eviscerated. Whatta value it is.