Three older JC Cellars Petites I tried the other day. While two of them held up well, there was really not much development. I moved on from Petites a while ago and haven't looked back. These were all Napa Valley fruit.

1999 JC Cellars Petite Syrah Frediani Vineyard Napa Valley

Dark red color, slight fading at the edges. Baking spices and black cherry on the nose. Surprisngly lush fruit, blackberry and cherry, some anise. Dusty mineral notes. Sharp tannins, bit to acidic, decent balance. Finishes long and spicy. Has developed some and still quite drinkable but not what you would have hoped for after 24 years. Still, its staying power is impressive. Throwing a fine sediment. No need to wait on these if you still have any. "B+"

2002 JC Cellars Petite Syrah Frediani Vineyard Napa Valley

Inky dark red edge to edge. Anise and dark chocolate aromas. Smooth but intense on the palate, black cherry, anise, bitter-sweet chocolate. It's almost (not quite) overpowering. Creeps right up the edge and then backs off. Fine tannins, nice acidity, good balance. Finishes long with bitter chocolate and dark fruits. It hasn't faded any, but it also hasn't developed any -- like it was in a time warp. Drink this from now through...forever. A nice wine but no subtlety at all. "B+"

2003 JC Cellars Petite Syrah Frediani Vineyard Napa Valley

Dark cherry red with some translucence. Harsh spice on the nose and the alcohol just rolls off it. Brown sugar on the palate, sour prunes, harsh. Fine tannins, good acidity, OK balance but definitely hot. Finishes short and unpleasant. Almost undrinkable but not flawed. It's labeled as having 17.1% ABV! Throws a heavy sediment. "D"