Tried these 2 at DinDin last night:
1. Jaramillo OtonoGlow NM WW (12.5%;; SauvBlanc + Malavasia; 10 days skin contact; lees stirring) Belen 2021: color; some resinous/VM/phenolic some floral/carnations/figgy/bit herbal rather perfumed quite attractive nose; quite tart/tangy/metallic some earthy/mushroomy strong VM/phenolic/resinous lightly floral/carnations/marigolds/herbal/dandelions bit austere/hard interesting flavor w/ light tannic bite; very long some phenolic/resinous/VM light floral/dandelins/marigolds/herbal/pungent bit austere/lean totally dry bit complex finish w/ light tannic bite; a quite nicely done VM w/ good balance of phenolic & fruit. $32.00 (KK)
2. DaTerra Viticultores Portela do Vento Granito VinoTinto (12%;; #4553 of 5112; 95% Mencia/5% Garnacha TinteraLlauradorWines/JosePastorWines/Fairfax/CA) Laura Lorenzo Dominguez/Manzaneda/Espana 2019: Dark color; quite earthy/loamy extremele volatile/EA/fumey little fruit slight earthy/AB-like some unclean/natty/bretty quite unattractive nose; soft very ripe/overripe some earthy/loamy very hot/volatile/fumey/acetic little fruit some unclean/natty/bretty/mousey flavor w/ some hot/fumey tannins; very longvery hot/fumey/EA/volatile no fruit bretty finish; a dreadful very volatile/EA/fumey unclean wine; dreadfully undrinkable & probably illegally volatile. $27.00 (KK)
More dickkerswab from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The Jaramillo is NM's first VM. First tasted it several months ago & it was pretty phenolic & austere. It has started to mellow and turn into a quite pleasant VM.
2. Llaurador Wines is the natural wine arm of JosePastor Slctns. I generally like the Pastor wines. But find many/most of the Llaurador wines far too unclean & natty. This one was one of the worst I've yet had. These are wines to steer clear of.