We tried these at Susan's this weekend, the newest Teroldegos from Elisabetta Foradori:
1. Foradori Lezer Teroldeso IGT: Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso (12.5%; 68% Teroldego/32% Syrah/Lagrein/Merlot;
LouisDresner/NY; 4 mo. in cement tanks/oak barrels/clay amphorae) Mezzolombardo 2021
: Med.dark color w/ lots of tiny bubbles; lovely very fragrant floral/Teroldego/licorice/almost Bojo-like bit peppery/licorice/spicy very pretty nose; somr frizzante spicy/Teroldego/licorice/berry light bodied bit earthy/dusty quite pretty flavor w/ very light tannins; med.long pretty floral/Teroldego/licorice/berry bit petillant light-bodied easy-drinking finish; speaks mostly of Teroldego; a rather pretty Vin de Soif. $28.00 (SFW&S)
2. Foradori Teroldego IGT: Vigneti delle Dolomiti (12%; U; www.AgricolaForadori.com; LouisDresnerSlctns/NY) Mezzolombardo 2021: Rather dark color; very strong blackberry/blueberry/Teroldego some licorice/smokey very spicy slight herbal/leafy rather complex beautiful Teroldego nose; lightly tart/tangy very strong licorice/blueberry/blackberry/very spicy/bit peppery/classic Teroldego some complex slight earthy/dusty flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long classic Teroldego/licorice/blueberry/blackberry bit dusty/OV some peppery/herbal structured bit complex finish w/ modest tangy tannins; a bit on the rugged side right now but can benefit from 2-5 yrs of age; a classic Foradori expression of Teroldego at a very good price. $30.50 (KK)
More feigelsquash from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Elisabetta Foradori is, rightfully so, as the master of the Teroldego grape. The Lezer is a relatively new wine for her, the result of a disastorous 2017 harvest. This is, I believe, the 2'nd vintage of Lezer. I found it interesting that prices for this wine ranged all over the map, from a low of $24 to a high of $48!!
This wine is designed to be a Vin de Soif and it fills that role very nicely. Not a serious red & very easy drinking, it does, indeed, speak of Teroldego.
Elisabetta's basic Teroldego is a must-buy for me every year. Her top-end Granato Teroldego is clearly her best but needs lots of age to develop in to a magnificant expression of Teroldego.