Cracked these two wines last night:
1. TablasCreekVnyd Cotes de Tablas Blanc Estate/AdelaidaDist/PasoRobles (13.0%; 44% Viog/24% Marsanne/20% GrenacheBlanc/12% Roussanne) 2017: Light gold color; strong pear/Viog/carnations/floral light appley/Marsanne some stony/chalky/perfumed talc slight nutty quite lovely very perfumed nose;lightly tart/tangy bit wirey/bracing fairly strong pear/Viog//floral/appley light chalky/perfumed talc lightly spicy quite attractive flavor; very long spicy/floral/Viog/pear/appley/Marsanne some carnations/floral/GB some chalky/perfumed talc lovely finish; not the depth or complexity of an Esprit but quite a lovely white Rhone blend.
2. Ridge Calif Zin Geyserville SonomaCnty (13.2%; 84% Zin/10% PetiteSirah/6% Carignane; bttld Feb 1988; 21'st vintage; 104 yr old mixed block Zin; Drk: 1/89-1/94-1/95: PD) Cupertino 1986: Med. rather bricking color; strong vanilla/Am.oak rather cedary/pencilly/oldZin light earthy/dusty/OV slight blackberry/Zin rather complex quite interesting/fully mature nose; soft very round/smooth/delicate/elegant slight metallic some cedary/pencilly/oldZin slight blackberry/Zin fairly complex flavor w/ light smooth tannins; very long/lingering soft/smooth/elegant/delicate/graceful strong Am.oak/vanills strong cedary/pencilly/oldZin fairly dusty/OV light blackberry/Zinm complex finish w/ light gentle tannins; a lovely gentle/delicate Zin that still speaks of GEyserville w/ good complexity; I like my Ridges w/ more fruit but this is a delicate/elegant/gentle mature Zin w/ no signs of drying out or turning the bend. $11.00 (K)
More finnelswartz from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I was expecting this Zin to be totally dead & gone. It was not. No signs of drying out or going dead at all. It's that classy/elegant/gentle little old lady sitting in the nursing home who's quietly fading into the sunset but you just know she must have been one hot chick in her day, just waiting for the lights to blink out. Not a very intense Zin but far/far better than it had any right to be & still giving some pleasure. The next morning it was pretty much dead & gone, but still not drying out.

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