Tried these two this weekend w/ Susan's family here from NYC:
1. Reustle GrunerVeltliner PrayerRockVnyds UmpquaVlly/OR (12.1%; Revelation & Sorek Blocs; EG/EB;; 714 cs; Drk: 2011-2016; 100% SS Ferment) Roseburg/OR 2010: Med.dark gold color; rather funky some nutty/oxidative some pear/Viog-like bit earthy somewhat interesting nose; rather tart/fairly metallic some earthy/nutty/oxidative bit funky slight GV/pear/applevery little GV fruit rather tired flavor; med.long quite tangy/metallic some oxidative finish; not much character left & pretty much gone; as aged in a rather odd way; a metallic/tangy character like biting down on a strip of Al foil; fairly oxidative but not in a good way.
2. Gaudioso Catarratto IGP: Terre Siciliane (12%; www.AgricolaGaudioso.It; T.ElentenyImprts/NY) Gaudioso/Partanna/Sicily 2021: Med.dark gold color; strong phenolic/VM/skin-contact/cidery/resiny some appley/earthy/fruit nose; fairly tart/tangy strong phenolic/resiny/VM rather metallic bit saline little fruit flavor w/ light tannic bite; long strong resiny/VM/cidery little fruit finish; dominated by the VM/phenolic character w/ little fruit; needs age but not very attractive to drink right now; pricey at $29.00 (SFW&S)
More klistosturf from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The Reustle Gruner has aged in a very strange way. It was not totally shot, but just not very pleasurable. They claim to have the first GV wine in America, but I don't believe that is correct.
2. The Gaudioso was the first VM/skin-contact Catarratto I've seen. Like many VM, this is dominated by the phenolic character but I suspect it will turn into something interesting.