Tried this new wine in at Kokomans on Fri:
1. Kumpf&Meyer Riesling WTW AC: Alsace (13.5%; CaMilleRiviere/Fruit of the Vines/LongIslandCity/NY; 2019: 2yrs in brl/2020: 1 yr in SS; U/U) NV: Med.amber very cloudy/hazy color w/ some bubbles; strong VM/resiny/skin-contact/phenolic rather earthy some funky/natty/bretty/rather unclean slight R/floral rather unpleasant/natty nose; very acid quite sour slightly off-dry on front of palate rather unclean/bretty/natty very earthy quite unpleasant flavor w/ metallix character; very long rather unclean/natty/bretty rather metallic quite sour finish; a quite unpleasant bretty/natty white w/ no Alsace or R character; a dreadful expression of natural wine; a dreadful wet-dog fur/bit oxidative character in the aftertaste; pretty much undrinkable.
$27.00 (KK)
More dillickburt from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. This was a skin-contact/VinoMacerati made by a natural wine producer. As soon as I took the first sniff, I knew exactly what to expect. After I had taken my last swallow, I blew my nose some 10 minutes later; Sure enough, that dreadful wet dog aftertaste welled up on my palate. Never done did see'd that happen before.