Shared these two w/ Susan's guests last night out on the portal:
1. Ryme Aglianico Rose HeringerVnyd/Clarksburg (11.3%; 2022: Pale salmon/copper color; strong juicy/watermelon/cranberry/spicy slight cinammon almos t Zin-like bit dusty/earthy rather pretty nose; fairly tart slightly metallic/bitter rather earthy/dusty light spicy/cranberry rather austere/coarse/clunky flavor w/ light rough tannins; med. finish mimics flavor; a rather coarse/rough/austere some Languedoc-like rose; nose is pleasant enough but unattractive on the palate. $27.00
2. Ryme 91% Sangiovese/9% Friulano (11.9%) 2022: Med.light ruby/red color; rather pretty strong cherry/Sangio/spicy bit Italianate light earthy rather attractive Sangio nose; fairly tart/tangy bright/cherry/Sangio/spicy light/brisk slightly rough/Italianate flavor w/ light brisk tannins; med.long slightly rough/bitter/Italianate bright cherry/Sangio bit earthy finish w/ light rough tannins; not sure what the Friulano adds to this wine except to lighten the color; pretty nose but not attractive on the palate.
More firkyclod from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. These two wine were pleasant enough but not particularly attractive. A bit of a disappointment from Ryme.