Had these three wines w/ Jay & Rebecca Hack last Thurs:
1. Ryme Greco RanchoCoda/RRV/SonomaCnty (13.5%) Geyserville 2021: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; strong very resiny/phenolic/VM rather orangey/honey graham light floral some earthy/dusty little fruit rather complex VM nose; quite tart/tangy/acidic very strong VM/resiy/skin-contact some honeyed/orangey slight floral/fruit some earthy/austere/rustic flavor w/ modest tannic bite; very long finish mimics the flavor; a pretty strong VM/phenolic wine that should be outstanding in 4-8 yrs; not particularly pleasant at this young stage. Tasted the next day at lunch:much more attractive at room temperature; it had lost much of its phenolic/VM character & had become really honeyed/orangey & not at all austere & tannic; quite a lovely expression of a VM wine now. $42.00
2. Ridge Falanghina AlderSprings/MendoCnty (13.7%; 6% Vermentino/3% Picpoul; bttld April 2022; Drk: 3/22-3/25: JO) 2021: Pale yellow color; pleasant lightly floral/carnations/dandelions light spicy/herbal slight earthy rather lightweight almost bland some interesting nose; lightly tart lightweight slight floral/carnations light earthy/metallic bit spicy slight rustic/coarse bit bland ("delicate" from the label) flavor; med.long finish mimics flavor; a pleasant enough white not particularly distinctive or interesting; may put on weigt w/ age but doubt it will ever be anything special; reminds a lot of a TrousseauGris (Gray Riesling). $32.00
3. Saxum JamesBerryVnyd White WillowCreekDist/PasoRobles (14.9%; 66% GrenacheBlanc/28% Roussanne/6% CheninBlanc; www.SaxumVineyards.com) 2018: Med.gold color; strong very fragrant ripe/floral/honeysuckle/GB/Rouss some pencilly/toasty/Fr.oak lightly spicy big fruit nose; bit soft some hot/alcoholic/fumey intense GB/honeysuckle/floral/gardenias some toasty/Fr.oak very rich/lush big fruit flavor; very long/lingering rich/lush/ripe strong toasty/Fr.oak finish; a big/rich/huge fruit classic PR GB; an absolutely delicious & not as over-the-top as I expected from a Saxum; should go anothe 3-5 yrs. $nc (JH)
More liggerfost from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I've known Jay on various internet WineBoards for quite a few yrs. He & his wife were in SantaFe last week & wanted to get together. So we met in late morning & I gave them a tour of the LANL Bradbury Science Museum for about 2 hrs, one of the best Science museums in the Nation, at which time we adjourned to Pig+Fig for lunch.
The Ryme I opened the night before w/ dinner & then took it down the next morning to P+F for Laura's breakfast wine. So we tried it again for lunch at room temperature & after it had been opened almost a day. It had turned into a very attractive expression of a VM wine.
The Saxum was a wine Jay brought to share. It had not had a Saxum in quite a few yrs because of their scarcity & $$$'s. I was expecting a big/over the top White. It was big fruit but I actually liked it quite a lot.

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