Tried these two Syrahs last night w/ DinDin:
1. Solminer Carbonic Syrah LosOlivosDist (12.5%; Bttld Dec 8/2022; #1323 of 1620) Buellton 2022: Med.light color; pleasant very raspberry/Syrah slight yeasty bit dusty/earthy rather pretty nose; quite tart/tangy/bit metallic bright/simple raspberry/Syrah/juicy lightly spritzy/petillant bit earthy/loamy kinda pretty flavor w/ little tannins; med. some petillant bright/raspberry/Syrah finish w/ little tannins; nothing serious but a pretty/frivolous/soda-poppy wine that will appeal to wine-lovers w/ shallow intellect; I liked it. $34.00/$30.60
2. WindGap Syrah SonomaCoast/SonomaCnty (12.6%; 60 brls/1300 cs; 100% w-c frmtation) Sebastapol 2014: Dark color w/ some bricking; strong earthy/dusty/loamy strong w-c/Rhonish/roasted some c-c/peppery/Syrah/blackberry some toasty/Fr.oak somewhat complex nose; lightly tart strong w-c/Rhonish/smokey meats/roasted strong toasty/Fr.oak light blackberry/Syrah/c-c/peppery rather earthy/dustysome drying-out flavor w/ light drying tannins; med.long somewhat dried-out rathe w-c/Rhonish/espresso some dusty/OV rather toasty/Fr.oak light blackberry/peppery/Syrah finish w/ fairly drying tannins; dominated by the w-c/Rhonish character w/ little fruit remaining but rather dried-out/tired on the palate; on its last legs & some beyond.
More werklefizz from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Had several weeks ago, two of the single-vnyd Syrahs '14. They were much better & not as dying, but still dominated by the w-c/Rhonish character. This regular Syrah was pretty tired.