Tried this last night at DinDin:
1. DryCreekVnyd DCV10Vnyd/RRV (13.6%; Clones: 777/Pommard; Vine age: 20 yrs; 10 mo. in Fr.oak; Hrvst: Sept 25 2021; SaH: 24.5 Brix; TA: 0.61 %; 625 cs) 2021: Med.color; attractive black cherry/PN/cherry light toasty/oak slight earthy bit simple/straightforward RRV PN nose; fairly tart/tangy fairly strong PN/cherry/black cherry/lightly spicy some toasty/pencilly/Fr.oak slight earthy/dusty pleasant flavor w/ light tangy tannins; long attractive finish that mimics flavor; an altogether pleasant expression of RRVPN that's not particularly distinctive or different much from a basic Siduri RRV PN. $40.00/$36.00 (VSP)
More bickeyfrip from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. DCV has been making RRV PN from DCV10 vnyd for a number of yrs. They have been pleasant enough but just that. None have particularly thrilled me nor rise to the level of quality of their Zins, which are absolutely first rate.