In celebration of DavisBynum's life, I tried last night:
1. Barefoot PinotNoir Calif (13.5%; BarefootCllrs/Modesto NV: Med.light color; light grapey/fruity lightly cherry/PN lightly vaguely/oak bit earthy light nose; soft very light cherry/PN bit earthy slight fruity/grapey rather bland/dull/vapid bit wattery flavor w/ no tannins; very short vaguely grapey/fruity very slight PN/cherry/herbal watery/vapid finish w/ no tannins; a vapid/dull/watery/bland vaguely fruity wine that whispers of PN; tastes like Monterey Pinot cropped at 12 tons/acre; the ultimate Oakland wine; has the power and structure to age well for another couple of weeks. $6.00 (Smith's)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. DavisBynum started his wnry in Albany in the late '60's making BynumBarefootBurgundy. The wine was cheap...and actually pretty decent. He then moved his operation up to Healdsburg, hired GaryFarrell as winemaker, and went on to make some of Calif's early great Pinots. At some point, he sold his BarefootBynum label to Gallo. After they ran his name into the ground, the dropped the Bynum part of the it's now just Barefoot. Davis would be humilated to see what became of his signature grape-stained footprint.
Tom (taking one for the team)