We tried these Verdads last week:
1. Verdad Tempranillo Sawyer-Lindquist Vnyd/EdnaVlly (14.5%) 2010: Med.dark w/ slight bricking; some black cherry/Temp light pencilly/oak some cedary/pencilly/oldRed fairly complex nose; lightly tart slight Temp/black cherry fairly cedary/oldRed slightly tired flavor w/ light gentle bit drying tannins; showing its age but still offers up some pleasure. $35.00/$24.50
2. Verdad Tempranillo Sawyer-Lindquist Vnyd/EdnaVlly (13.5%) 2011: Med.color w/ slight bricking; somewhat less Temp fruit stronger cedary/pencilly/oldRed bit dusty/OV slightly tired nose; lightly tart/tangy rather cedary/pencilly/oldRed slight Temp/black cherry flavor w/ light drying tannins; seems rather further along in age and well into its decline. $35.00/$24.50
3. Verdad Tempranillo Sawyer-Lindquist Vnyd/EdnaVlly (14.0%) 2018: Drak color; very strong black cherry/Temp/boysenberry/plummy light toasty/oak/pencillyquite fragrant lovely nose; fairly tart/tangy strong Temp/black cherry/boysenberry light toasty/oak slight earthy/dusty bit complex flavor w/ modest ripe tannins; very long/lingering very strong black cherry/Temp/boysenberry/ripe finish w/ modest tannins; an outstanding expression of Calif Temp.
4. Verdad Tempranillo Sawyer-Lindquist Vnyd/EdnaVlly (14.0%) 2019: Dark color; bit earthy/dusty/OV lighter black cherry/Temp slight herbal more interesting/complex nose; fairly tart more tannic/structured fairly strong Temp/black cherry not as perfumed bit herbal some complex flavor w/ modest ripe tannins; not as perfumed as the '18 but a bit more interesting; a beautiful expression of Calif Temp. $35.00/$24.50
5. Verdad Tempranillo Reserva Sawyer-LindquistVnyd/EdnaVlly (14.0%; 72 cs) 2016: Very dark color; strong toasty/smokey/oak fairly intense Temp/black cherry/ripe/blackberry/boysenberry bit dusty/OV slight Rioja-like/complex much more intense nose than the regulars; fairly tart/tangy rather intense black cherry/blackberry/ripe Temp some toasty/oak bit dusty/OV some complex bit Rioja-like flavor w/ ample chewey tannins; very long/lingering ripe/black cherry/Temp/boysenberry some toasty/oak quite structured some complex finish w/ ample chewey tannins; needs another 2-5 yrs; one of the best Calif Temps I can recall having. $50.00/$35.00
6. Verdad Tempranillo Reserva Sawyer-LindquistVnyd/EdnaVlly (14.0%; 72 cs) 2018: Very dark color; lighter toasty/oak not quite as intense black cherry/Temp/blackberry/boysenberry/ripe bit more complex slight Rioja-like fairly fragrant nose; some toasty/oak fairly strong black cherry/ripe Temp/boysenberry bit more complex rather structured flavor w/ ample chewey tannins; not as intense fruit but a bit more structured & a bit more complex than the '16; a beautiful Calif Temp. $50.00/$35.00
More addlespert from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. These were all from the Sawyer-Lindquist vnyd planted in the EdnaVlly across the hwy from JohnAlban. The vnyd is farmed BioDynamically. They sold the vnyd several yrs ago, but still live on the property and get most of the grapes from the vnyd.
Except for the two older one, these Temps were remarkably consistent in style, across the board. The two Reservas were much similar to the 2 regulars in style but just a bit more oak & notched up a bit in intensity & more structure to them. Some of the best Calif Temps I can recall tasting.
And then the odd one out:
7. Verdad CGM Calif (13.5%; 50% Carignan OldVines/Shinn'sVnyd/Lodi; 25% Mourvedre/MartianVnyd/LosAlamos;
25% Grenache/CrestonRidge/PasoRobles) 2019
: Med.light color; fairly strong cherry/Carignane/earthy/Lodi/mushroomy rather dusty/OV slight plummy bit rustic/coarse nose; lightly tart strong earthy/Lodi/mushroomy/cherry/Carignane some rustic/bit coarse flavor w/ light tannins; a rather interesting red but dominated by the Lodi Carignane & a bit on the coarse/rustic side; nothing like a Spanish Carignane but definitely Lodi Carignane. $28.00/$19.60